About Our Program

The gift of a child is the ability to learn through play. Our program here at Planet Toddler is arranged so that learning opportunities are available in every aspect of the program. We have chosen toys and materials that promote growth. Each play area at Planet Toddler is stocked with materials to bring out the excitement of your child. Our learning centers are arranged to excite and enlighten the development of your child and introduce new learning experiences each day.

Planet Toddler’s goal is to enhance your child’s social skills and create relationships and friendships with staff as well as peers. As a teacher, our director Lisa will be a positive role model to your child. We promote self-esteem, relationship building and problem solving skills. In our program each child is honored as an individual as well as a member of the group. Your child’s feelings, thoughts and ideas are valued and respected as well as an important aspect to how we plan the environment.

The program at Planet Toddler also values creativity. Children will have opportunities to express themselves through a variety of art materials. The children’s art will be displayed on the walls and throughout Planet Toddler. The children take pride in everything they create and we take pride in sharing their creations with others. Children are free to express themselves through music, art and crafts.

Our program has a routine schedule of events that happen on a daily basis. This schedule is kept flexible in order to take advantage of “teachable moments”. These can be as simple as an anthill found in the yard, to air balloons flying in the sky. Each moment is used to enhance the mind of the child. We do this through daily routines as well as unexpected events.